Friday, December 14, 2012

Camp 2012

Not too long back, we just had our camp. It was really awesome. We done very difficult activities, like the flying fox, confidence course and our duties. The pupils that attend camp where from Pt England School. We stayed in a really quiet place called Ngaruawahia, at the christian youth camp (CYC).

When we arrived there, we gladly packed our packed our bags off the bus and went for a long as hike. It took us two hours and it was tiring. When we finished our hike we went to cabins and made our beds, well I did. Then we had to go back to our meeting spot and when we got there me and my friends where one of the last ones there and luckily we didn't get in trouble.

Taking a tour of the place, and pool table attracts to its wonderful sight. We charge towards it and say shotgun first, shotgun next and others playing table tennis. It was awesome.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook reflection

I think that this year with our netbooks was very sublime. We had access to the internet, and we could research things which we couldn't understand properly. Over the year the internet connection has progressed very slowly. But with years still to come, the generation of the amazing netbook will excel. Then all the kids that started the generation of the netbook can say I started that and be proud of themselves.

This piece of technology that we use is very helpful. It help me learns a lot and its is a very educational tool

Friday, November 30, 2012

Gillan and the golden fleece

Once upon a time in a land older and more hysterical than the dinosaurs. Lived a man who had destroyed  all in his path. His name was Gillan, son of the five fathers. He traveled a lot with his trusty horse and his worthy gold sword that was plucked from the heavens.

One stormy cold day, GIllan had came upon a stalk which at the top lived a courageous hero. His name was jason the protector of the golden fleece. Gillan had heard a lot of mifs about the golden fleece. Then with no hesitation he climbs the stalk with all his might. On the way up he met a Tijah (half cheetah half tiger).  The Tijah asked what Gillan he was doing. He replied “i am on a quest to go find the golden fleece”. Then the Tija replied “ many courageous heroes have tried to seek for the golden fleece and ever since I can remember no one has ever returned”. Gillan stood staunchly and said “I am the most courageous hero in the world and nothing will stand in my way”. Then he stormed off. Climbing, climbing and climbing he finally reached the top. With a sigh of relief on his face, he tumbles to the ground weak as and rests for a while.

Waking up the next morning. He grabs his stuff and walks high upon the clouds. In the distance he can see a castle. As he gets closer to the castle, he sees to massive guards standing with sparked electric spears. Gillan thought to himself, how am I gonna get passed ? Then he thought of a sneak attack. Beside the castle was a huge rock but he had to find a distraction. He thought for quite a while then the idea came to him. He told his horse to go out into the open the horse went. The guards distracted by the horse Gillan ran behind the rock. Took a peak around the rock and then charged with his golden sword he jumped in the air and stabbed one guard and then roundhouse kick the other guard into the castle entrance and then struck him with a power stab and then fell dead.

He climbed up the fence and told his horse to stay behind the rock. He staged across the grass, destroying all people in his path. He climbed up the pavement and got to the point we he could go no higher. Searching and searching for the golden fleece a massive giant walks towards Gillan. Gillan stands like a true warrior, as the giant gets closer Gillan jumps at him and stabs him aggressively. Showing no fear the giant starts to go on a rampage Gillan sees the golden fleece in the giants hand. He jumped towards the giants hand and grabbed the fleece. He ran very quickly he jumped over the fence onto his horse and then he told the horse to go. With no mucking around the horse galloped away. The giant chased him, him and the horse jumped down the stalk. Thinking they were going to die the Tijah had grabbed them. WIth surprise the Tijah said “you received the golden fleece now what”? Then Gilan said “I will use the golden fleece to receive the head of medusa”. Then the Tija replied “you are one crazy man” THE END

Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

This term we had our Manaiakalani Film Festival. It was held at the biggest screen in the southern hemisphere. In the one the only Auckland which is placed in New Zealand in Sylvia Park. The screen is really massive and it is called the EXTREME SCREEN.

Hopping off the bus I walked with my mates to the movies. Walking in, the lights were fully on. Walking around trying to find our chairs me and my friend Matthew get as far away from the teacher as possible. The lights had dimmed,  it was dark, Mrs Lagitupu was trying to find us. She caught a glimpse of us I think and walked up the aisle that was in front of us and told us to go to the end and sit their. Me and Matthew dream shattered, but yea it was really fun.

My highlight of the film fest was the 1D (One Di film. It was really funny and good to watch. It was filled with enjoyment, laughter and fun. I really like the way they used different kids and adults in their movie. And I can't wait for next years one.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Athletics day

To my glory, and defeat, I proudly say that we had our annual athletics day. It was filled with agony, defeat, fails and determination. I had a really successful day, I came first in high jump, Second in 75 meter sprint, third in 100 meter sprints and 3rd in back knee throw. From my prospection of the day it was amazing.

My favourite event was high jump. Soaring over the high jump pole, I gladly get over and the game got more competitive. It was down to the top 2 me and Lepa. Lepa was first, he ran up slowly and built up speed, getting closer to the pole he rises his legs and jumps. He makes it. In my head i'm thinking “i’m not gonna make it” and then with a sudden burst of speed I take off and sadly i don't make it, twice in a row to be honest. My last attempt has come, I’m scared cause I think I can't make it. But then I make it, with all the strenght in my legs I force my self over, leaving my mate Lepa very shocked. Then it went up a level, I went first when I leaped over the pole I had made it and with relief I could say I did it. Lepa was up he was very scared knowing he wasn't going to make it first attempt he had failed, second attempt he had failed again third attempt he had also failed and it was a dream shatter for him he was gutted but happy that he had come second.

So I think athletics day was pretty awesome and I can't wait until next year because I will be in college.

Friday, November 9, 2012

My favourite toy

My favourite toy. I had many toys back in my old days. There were Ripsticks, Nerf guns and remote control vehicles. But my favorite toys of all time are Samurai swords and Guns.  I really like these toys because I can pretend I'm in a war and fight the air and everything around me. I liked to make my own armour out of cardboard boxes.

I really like the toy guns with the sound on it because it gets really annoying for people but for me it’s a lot fun. I had a lot of toys when I was a young lad and the toy that I still play with to this day is a rugby ball.My favourite toy. I had many toys back in my old days. There were Ripsticks, Nerf guns and remote control vehicles. But my favorite toys of all time are Samurai swords and Guns.  I really like these toys because I can pretend I'm in a war and fight the air and everything around me. I liked to make my own armour out of cardboard boxes.

I really like the toy guns with the sound on it because it gets really but my favorite is rugby, because you can score tries, put on massive hits and also tackle!!

I don't have a lot of memories with my toy guns and swords. But what I do remember is having fake fights with my brother and always winning. Then declaring “I am the best samurai in the world”. Then by unleashing one more slash of my sword I pretend to kill him. Then we live happily ever after.

Amulet of Whakatane

Lush green grass, trembling sticks and stones falling from the high mountains of Whakatane. Their lived a man and his beautiful wife. Their names were Jack and Jill. They stayed beside a waterfall, where lived very unusually creatures. When the sun had set and nightfall had come the place would light up with joy and happiness. The waterfall would shimmer and shine, the animals would come out and sing and dance and if lucky, a very beautiful dragon will rise from the depths of the forest, and breath its wonderful fire.

One day a wise man had knocked on Jack and Jills door. Jack came to the door very quickly to see who it was. Jack had open the door and said “hello” the wise man replied “are you Mr Jack stallone” Jack replied “yes sir”. Then the wise man had replied “I am here because you have been set for a quest”. Jack thought to himself, he said in his mind “is this fella crazy or is what hes saying true? Jack then said to the wise man “what is my quest”? He replied “you have to find the lost amulet of Whakatane”. Jack then thought this man is crazy. Then the wise man said here are your coordinates to find the lost amulet. Jack packed his stuff and the wise man said “I bestow upon you great health, great strength and great enlightenment”. Then with in the blink of an eye jack was gone.

For weeks and weeks he had been searching. Until he came upon a cave. Which had black marks on the walls. Without thinking he went straight in and there was the amulet. He run towards it but a massive dragon had jump in his way. He grabbed his massive samurai sword and chopped the dragon into pieces. He received the amulet and lived happily ever after. Until the wise man had came back.......